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Working closely with graduate recruiters, faculties and industry leaders, UTS Careers offers a variety of services and resources to help students get a head-start on their careers. From events and workshops, to in-person consultations and more, we can help!

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5 Reasons You Need a Houseplant in Your Work Space (+ 6 Plants You Might Actually Manage to Keep Alive)

By Mia Casey Beyond being great from an interior design angle, houseplants can actually keep stress levels low, help with respiration, and encourage productivity. Who’da thunk it? Do you even need any more reason to invest in some plant babies and start greening up...

Career Fears and How to Shake Them!

By Katerina Pijaca Career fears: we all have them. Whether you’re thinking about applying for a specific role, have been offered a job or have been working part-time and are set to transition into a full-time gig, career fears can often be debilitating and send you on...

What to do When Entry-Level Jobs Ask for Years of Industry Experience

By Mia Casey It’s something we’ve all likely stumbled across before: ‘Entry-level Graduate role – 5 years’ of industry experience required’. This barrier imposed by certain sectors of recruitment not only stifles the job opportunities open to students graduating and...

Why Searching For Jobs on Seek Just Isn’t Going to Cut It

By Nicole Woll Is it time for a new part-time job to cover your recent rent rise, or to help you fund your next ASOS haul? Is it nearing the time in your uni career when you need to look for an internship to cement your university knowledge? Are you in your final year...

How to Figure Out What Your ‘Dream Job’ Actually Is

By Mia Casey We all go through life with aspirations – be it for that great car, a dream house, the perfect round-the-world trip. But when it comes to careers, few of us are blessed with the deep-rooted insight needed to know exactly what job we want, and how we’re...

The Census Date is Almost Here! But What Does It Have to do with Me?

By Helena Asher-Chiang Monday 9th April 2018 is the Census Date for Autumn 2018 Semester. Did you know that the Census Date is the last possible date where you can withdraw from a subject or course without financial or academic penalty? You might be thinking: “Hmmm, I...

How to Revive Your Passion When Burnout is on the Horizon

By Mia Casey With Easter drawing to a close, it’s time to think about rebirth, growth, and personal development y’all. It can be easy to lose that motivational drive, that push to keep doing what you’re doing – be it with work or with your studies. And when you...

What Kanye West’s Career Breakthrough Can Teach You About Yours

By Matt Edwards What can The College Drop Out teach you about getting ahea – I’ma let you finish, but Kanye’s journey from the kid who wanted to be a rapper to releasing his critically-acclaimed debut album, has some career lessons for all time. All...

Change In Career: 20 Non-Hospital Jobs For Nurses To Consider

By Anna H. Nilsson As a child, I had always thought that nurses working in hospitals have the coolest uniforms in the world. I mean, who wouldn’t want to wear pleated skirts and a cap, right? Sadly, doctors came in second because they only wore robes. But growing up,...

Extending Your Degree Isn’t a Terrible Thing

By Isaac Garcia Oh Goodness, what have you done? You’ve tangled yourself in a web of UTS subject availabilities, inflexible work commitments and you even maybe, possibly failed that one subject you ‘accidentally’ missed all of your lectures for. Suddenly you find...

We are excited to attend the @SydneyGA event on the hottest tech and non-tech skills in demand right now!

Employers contact wehire@uts.edu.au or call 02 9514 1471 to book a 30 minute coffee meeting with our awesome Business Development to talk all things UTS interns! #wehireatUTS

Thank you @googledownunder for coming to UTS today to talk to our students about non-technical internship and graduate opportunities! It was a fantastic event! #wehireatUTS


Students are back on campus today, and the next mission for many is finding a job! It's free to advertise on UTS CareerHub, so login now and post your internships, part-time jobs and grad programs to attract our best and brightest. https://t.co/J9AyWndoNF #wehireatUTS

“When your mother is strong, you’re already ahead of the pack” @takingalongview @CBAWomenInFocus #IWD2018

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