Key Ingredient in Maximising Your Productivity

By Simon Jaeger Productivity in the workplace is extremely important. The quantity and quality of our contribution to the organisations we work for, the companies we run, and/or the clients we do business with, are two of the most important factors in establishing career success. When it comes to MAXIMISING your productivity, exercise is an essential ingredient in helping you to attain optimum output. Here’s why: Alertness and Energy...

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Julia Landauer: Don’t Let Expectations and Stereotypes Hold You Back

By Mia Casey It can be easy to fall into a career that everyone expects you to follow, but that doesn’t necessarily make for a fulfilling work life. Opportunity and passion can come from the most unexpected places, and while the pursuit may be difficult, following what makes you happiest can ultimately lead to a world of work beyond anything you’d have thought possible. NASCAR driver, Julia Landauer, knows all about following passion...

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How Mentorship Can Fuel Your Career Journey

By Sophie Olorenshaw Career journeys: we’ve all heard about our career journeys or pathways, but the reality is we don’t normally realise when we’re actually on one until we spend the time thinking back on how we got to where we are. For me, I’ve come to realise that I wouldn’t be where I am today without the impact and influence of my mentors, each of playing a pinnacle role in my life’s major decisions. Although mentors have been a...

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Stan Lee: How Hard Work and Passion Can Make You a Cultural Icon

By Mia Casey Renowned for the contributions he made  to the world of comics and his many cameos in the popular Marvel movie franchises in his later years of life, Stan Lee’s passing last week left many around the world reeling. The early days Born in December 1922 as Stan Lieber, he grew up wanting to be a writer with the view of one day writing ‘the great American novel’. But, like many whose careers we look up to, the world had...

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UX and Your Online Presence: 3 Strategies for Digital Success

By Katerina Pijaca User experience (UX) is a multidisciplinary concept that often refers to web, but more expansively can refer to any human focused strategy that shapes pleasurable journeys between product and user. Consider yourself as your main product and your industry as your user. These three strategies can help you build your online presence, by breaking down the ‘why’, ‘what’, and ‘how’ of UX and connecting them with your...

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The Where’s Wally Career Map You Never Knew You Needed

By Claudia Cowell Wally finds himself lost all over the world. His whole life is centred around his passion for travel and adventure, and seeking extremely crowded places to explore (crowded beaches, airports, ski slopes, towns, railway stations, and safari parks… just to name a few!). But unlike Wally, no one REALLY likes to feel lost. So if you are feeling overwhelmed in a world of too many jobs and not enough direction, come on a...

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3 Tips to Have Better Branding than a Knock-off Halloween Costume

By Mia Casey Look, you’ve probably heard it all before: ‘Personal branding is so important! Set up your LinkedIn profile! Know your strengths!’, and I get it – it can be a lot. The worst part though? It’s all true. If you don’t take the time to really sit down and reflect on how you communicate who you are and what you want to people, then your ‘brand’ is going to be vague and unconvincing – much like those awful knock-off costumes...

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Are Employers Really Going to Say Yes to Someone Who is a Self-identified Entrepreneur?

By Dave Lt The data shows that 40% of students at UTS want to be their own boss at some point. In the UTS landscape, we are hearing about startups, opportunities to learn entrepreneurship, places where your startup can be fostered and grow – what benefit is there to industry if we are constantly ‘teaching’ these startup principles to students? Surely it’s a risky thing to be doing? The vast majority of graduates are going...

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