Why the Phrase ‘It’s Who You Know’ is Vital for International Students

By Esita Sogotubu ‘It’s who you know’, that’s what they say, right? This is particularly true for international students, and was the focus of an event by the same name held in August 2018. The event gave international students the opportunity to network with former international students who now work in Sydney after they graduated. This was the first time (as far as I know) that we have had such an event, specifically for...

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6 Career Lessons Learned from My ‘Lame’ Part-Time Jobs

By Sarah Marlor What do dogs, CDs, and Christmas elves all have in common? You’re right! They are all a form of nostalgic entertainment! For me, however, these words bring up specific memories of my interesting history of part-time jobs. Although you will no longer find ‘Dog Walker’, ‘CD Shop Sales Assistant’ or ‘Christmas Elf’ on my most up-to-date resume, they all played a very important role in setting me up for my current career!...

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How to Decide if You’re Qualified Enough to Submit a Job Application

By Steph Miller You’re scanning LinkedIn, Seek, CareerHub and find your dream job. But wait—they’re looking for someone with 1-3 years’ experience, and there are a few other bullet points in the job description that you’ve never done before. You don’t tick all the boxes. Should you apply? Decipher the Level of the Role Your first step is to attempt to decipher just how underqualified you are. Job ads can make this tricky. Don’t assume...

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What are the Benefits of Interning with a Startup?

By UTS Innovation & Entrepreneurship Unit Studying at university isn’t just about the knowledge you learn in the classroom and making sure you graduate with that valuable piece of paper, it’s also about making sure you’re learning the essential skills for the future of work. Our latest initiative supporting this is Startup Internships, a program helping you to become the real MVP by facilitating mutually beneficial internship...

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Career Lessons Learned from Crazy Rich Asians

By Ryan Abednego Crazy Rich Asians has become a cultural phenomenon and I for one am jumping aboard this Crazy Rich Asian hype train. For a rom-com, this movie had a surprising amount of takeaway messages. As a ’Crazy non-rich Asian’ myself, I feel like I am 66.6% qualified to interpret some of the lessons from the film into a careers perspective. Don’t just say you respect someone - show it! At the beginning of the film,...

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Is The Future of Work Full-time?

By Rachel Yasmineh Yes? Carry on then. Nothing to read here.   No? Okay, so what?   I have no idea. So let’s set people up on how to deal with the ambiguity. It’s a hot topic that makes the rounds. Most articles talk about robots and technology automating a number of administrative roles and how in ten years at least 40% of job types will be gone. Most articles throw a bunch of stats at you and then criticize some for...

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Back to the Future of Work: Myth-busting Entrepreneurship

By UTS Innovation & Entrepreneurship Resilience, courage and focus were some of the skills marked for entrepreneurial success by innovative founders, students and teachers at the UTS Postgraduate Expo. “See failures as a learning experience, and have the resilience to keep going after what some people might see as a failure. Entrepreneurship is all about getting back up again,” said UTS alumna and startup founder Annette...

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5 Tips for University Students to Help Kick-start Your Career in Digital Marketing

By Kim Ngan Le Having been born a first-generation Australian with immigrant parents who value good education, I was always pushed to perform the best academically. Against their will for me to study Medicine or Law, I’m currently completing my double bachelor’s degree in Business and Information Technology, majoring in Marketing and Enterprise Systems Development at the University of Technology, Sydney. At the age of 14 I got my...

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Do You Hate Your Degree? Don’t Worry, You DO Have a Career Ahead of You

By Georgina Barratt-See Towards the end of my chemistry degree, I got a bit sad. I didn’t think anyone would ever employ me, and I felt like I had no options. I hadn’t done particularly well during my degree, and I didn’t like my degree either. I felt like a future career was a hopeless dream I would never achieve. Flash forward 20 years, and I am in my dream job at UTS and I don’t know if I’ll ever leave.  How did I get there? Here...

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