Put the ‘Care’ Back in Career in Time for R U OK? Day

By Mia Casey R U OK? Day is this Thursday (13 September), and with it comes the reminder that, hey, you need to take care of your mental health – and pay attention to the people in your life when they may be struggling. Your career can be a big stressor, and when times get tough it can prove one of the biggest barriers to taking a step back to look after yourself. So, in time for R U OK? Day, here are a few quick tips to help you get...

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5 Resume Tips You Didn’t Know You Needed (Just Like China’s New Flavours of Oreo)

By Mia Casey Okay so if you’ve heard about the new flavours of Oreo, then it may be hard to define them as something you would ‘need’ per se. But still, they’re interesting and not what you would probably expect. At the end of August, Oreo announced new flavours being released in China, the most shocking being Wasabi flavour and Hot Wing flavour. What a weird and wonderful world we live in, hey? You know what else can be weird and...

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Self-care: Before and After a Job Interview

 By Sarah Marlor Let’s face it: interviews are one of those rare life moments that are equal parts exciting and make-your-palms-sweat levels of nerve racking. If you have just landed yourself an interview and you’re starting to perspire, or you’re currently reflecting on the suspected blunders you made in your last interview, OR perhaps you’ve never been to one and the concept is so farfetched that it seems as scary as a mission to...

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